Dynasty Wines Turns 30

Premier Chinese wine maker Dynasty is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To celebrate, the brand is partnering with – appropriately enough! – Hong Kong’s Dynasty Chinese restaurant to present a dinner tasting menu. With one Michelin-star, the exclusive eatery is located in the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Wanchai.

Selected by a team of sommeliers, wines throughout the meal will range from the light and crisp to full bodied and complex. The menu has been designed to incorporate the best ingredients, taking traditional dishes and giving them what is being described as an “extra wow factor”.

The first course will be braised shark’s fin with Chinese cabbage in a mini clay pot, accompanied by braised whole abalone and goose webs with vegetables. This will be paired with Dynasty Medium Dry White, N.V., a zesty wine comprising Muscat, Italian Riesling, and Chardonnay. Matching well with light dishes, it has a light floral, citrus/lime, tropical fruit aroma. The palate combines citrus and peach with a hint of grapefruit.

A selection of traditional specialties will follow. Included will be sautéed garoupa fillet and fresh lily bulbs with black bean sauce and poached spinach with mini wontons in supreme soup. Both will be paired with Dynasty Chardonnay Reserve, 2006, a dry white wine with peach, pear, citrus fruit, and almond on the nose. These are confirmed in the mouth with the flavours of lemon and green apple.

These will be followed by roasted baby pigeon and stir-fried diced Angus beef tenderloin. Because of their stronger flavours of these two dishes, they will be paired with Dynasty Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (Royal Selection), 2006, a full-bodied wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which is well suited to red meats and stewed dishes.

Stewed noodles with dried shrimp roe in abalone sauce and deep-fried egg fritters will constitute the final course. For dessert, there will be deep-fried egg fritters and sweetened almond cream with egg whites.

The Dynasty Wine and Gourmet Tasting Menu will be served from January through February 2010 at dinner times only. One day advanced booking is required. The Renaissance Harbour View Hotel is located at No. 1 Harbour Road in Wanchai near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Copyright: Michael Taylor

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