A New Beginning – or Another False Dawn?

I woke up bright and early, something that only seems to happen when I’m staying at a luxurious resort. The rest of the time I tend to sleep in. I wandered over to Rest Gastro, where breakfast was being served. I had mixed feelings. Should I or shouldn’t I? I hadn’t had breakfast in about three months.

I’ve been struggling to get my weight back down, and skipping breakfast was part of a complex formula that seemed to be yielding results. I had dropped about 20 pounds over the last few months and – for the first time in about 35 years – was officially within the “optimal weight” range for a man my height. But just barely . . .

I know how difficult it is to take weight off, and how effortless it is to put weight back on. I’ve been struggling unsuccessfully to get my weight below 175 for more than three years. After finally achieving that goal, I would hate to spend four weeks in Thailand, returning home weighing as much – if not more – than I did before I finally managed to lose this weight.

I surveyed the buffet table. It was laden with fresh and dried fruits, cereals, freshly squeezed juices, Thai delicacies, Chinese dim sum, Western breads and pastries, homemade yogurt . . . I saw a woman on the terrace behind two pots and several bowls. I walked out and asked her what she was serving. She said, “Seaweed soup.”

From the look on her face, I could tell she was expecting me to turn my nose up. She looked rather surprised – and happy! – when I ordered a bowl. She fixed my soup, I added some of those yummy Thai condiments, and I carried it back to my table. Absolutely scrumptious.

A waitress approached. She enquired if I would like eggs. Oh, what the heck, I thought. I ordered a Spanish omelet, sausages, and potatoes. As I awaited their arrival, I could almost feel the pounds packing right back on. When I left Hong Kong yesterday, I weighed in at 172 pounds. It will be difficult to monitor as each scale is different, and I will be staying at so many different spots over the next four weeks. And there will be so many temptations.

I’ve had so many other false dawns. I hope this isn’t another one of them.

Copyright: Michael Taylor

Pictured: Yummy breakfast buffets are served at Resto Gastro, Rest Detail Hotel, Hua Hin, Thailand.


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