Capetown Named Year’s Travel Hot Spot

Capetown, South Africa, has been named the year’s top travel destination by British Airways.

With Table Mountain, which afford a 360 degree view of the Cape; the rugged cliffs of Cape Point, the southwestern-most point of Africa; V&A Waterfront, a splendid shopping and entertainment complex; world-renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens; Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held captive; and Constantia Vineyards, the oldest wine-making region in the southern hemisphere, Capetown has long has long been favoured by travel-savvy tourists.

But there is an added attraction this year. A series of world-class sporting events that will turn the sports world’s attention on the South African city. Both the FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games will be held in Capetown this year.

“Cape Town has always been a popular destination, [and] we expect the World Cup to push it to the top of the long-haul league table as the best place to be in 2010,” says Sue Botes, British Airways’ commercial manager in South Africa.

“We are already preparing for the event and have additional flights in place, as well as our local carrier Comair to connect fans to destinations around the republic.”

Famous for its rooftop bars, underground clubs, fascinating bazaars, and splendid beaches Istanbul, Turkey, has been named by British Airways as the year’s second most popular travel hot spot. Being named European Capital of Culture 2010, the city is expected to be one of the continent’s most visited cities this year.

Thanks to being featured in the film “The Hangover,” Las Vegas – affectionately known as “Sin City” – has been named number three, followed by Vancouver, Canada, which will host the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in February and March. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, comes in fifth.

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, Croatia, was ranked sixth. “Dubrovnik holds many attractions and delightful boutiques, with each corner of the city offering a unique experience,” says Mirjana Dostal, British Airways commercial manager for Croatia.

“However, its cluster of private islands has made this a new favourite destination for Hollywood A-Listers to get away [to].”

New York has long been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The release of two film sequels set in the metropolis – Sex and the City” and Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street 2” is expected to increase interest in visiting the Big Apple. Stockholm, Sweden; the Maldives; and Delhi, India, round out the top 10.

“Customers recognize that there’s a world of opportunity out there – from tiger safari in India, to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the bright lights of Las Vegas,” says Neil Ager, country manager, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, for Qantas and British Airways.

“We anticipate an increase in visitors from our region to New York because our journey time is competitive and our frequency and service is very good.”


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