Oakland: New York Jets Fans Plan to Invade the Black Hole

Jets fans New York Jets fans from Los Angeles, Orange Country, San Diego, and San Francisco (who would have guessed?) will gather in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 840 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, California, at 6.30 am on 25 September 2011, with plans to form a Green Caravan into the Black Hole, a.k.a. the Oakland Coliseum, in order to “reserve as many spots as possible”. I'm assuming they're talking about spots in the parking lot to tailgate. I would assume that they have already bought their tickets.

(If not, they're out of luck. The game sold out in time for the usual Northern California television black out to be lifted. They can always watch it on television at one of those "spots".)

Green Gang

Calling this the “Jets Fans Green Mile", these New York fans are being a bit ambitious, I'd have to say. With only one day to go, only nine people had signed up on their website.

Not only that, I don't believe that one mile separates the Black Hole from Wal-Mart”! They're a hop, skip, and a jump from each other.

But I quibble.

I'm sure that many more New York Jets fans are planning to go to the Oakland New York matchup than that. Rumour has it that some New York Jets fans are even jetBlueing in from the East Coast. They just didn't think it was necessary to R.S.V.P. (that's SOOOOO five minutes ago).

Calling themselves “GangGreen”, these New York Jets fans have NOT made me green with envy. But I must say, they DO have a very good sense of humour!

And judging by what I read on their website, they seem like really nice people, as well. And, despite our Bad Ass reputation, we Oakland Raiders fans are really nice people, too …

And Now, a Plea …

So PLEASE Oakland Raiders fans, show some class! Demonstrate some good sportsmanship! Remember the fans Code of Conduct!

 I do NOT want to turn on CNN the day after the game and hear the type of disgusting and heart breaking news I did following the game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers during the pre season a few weeks ago.

It made the international news! There were updates every 15 minutes! It even made the sports page of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's largest circulation English language daily!

Vent your spleen all you want against the New York Jets football players on the field, but PLEASE make these New York Jets fans feel welcome in the Black Hole!

We might root for different teams, but we're all football fans.

One last thought. GO RAIDERS! BEAT THE JETS!



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