Raiders: Top 10 Pre Game Quotes, Oakland vs Houston Texans

One fourth of the way through the season, the Oakland Raiders havd a a split 2-2 record. Do they still have a shot the playoffs?

With 12 more games to play, Oakland Raiders Coach Hue Jackson says, Hella Yeah!

And Hue is NOT just talking about making the playoffs, he thinks that Oakland will WIN the AFC West!

Did anyone say, “Super Bowl?”

But first they have got some business to take care of in Houston, Texas.

Here are my top 10 favourite pre game quotes for this week.

  1. “We’re going to win the AFC West. We’re going to do everything we can to get in the playoffs and go challenge for a Super Bowl. I am not backing down from that.” – Hue Jackson, coach, Oakland Raiders.
  2. “The Oakland Raiders are not playing very consistent football, but they are fun to watch.” – Online Betting, BSN Sports Blog.
  3. “The Raiders next game will be in Houston, against the Texans at Reliant Stadium, and this is the toughest matchup Oakland will face before going back home to the Coliseum [editor’s note: he’s talking about the Black Hole]. If they could pull out a win here, last Sunday against the Patriots will become something that we can all put behind us, knoairna foster, wing that it was an off day for the Silver and Black.” – K.C. Dermody, Yahoo! Contributor Network.
  4. “The Raiders have young receivers that are still learning the ins and outs of the NFL.” –
  5. “We know what kind of team we’re facing this week. They’re going to run the ball, and deservingly so. That’s what the numbers say to do is run the ball. So we’ll see if we can get this thing slowed down.”- Hue Jackson, Coach, Oakland Raiders.
  6. “They got one of the best backs in the league running the ball, so we got to bring out our A game and stop the run.” – Mario Williams, Linebacker, the Houston Texans.
  7. “Every time you play the Raiders,. you see the talent that they have, the speed, and the size. They have great athletes who are very stout and they’ve got a good defense. They’re fast and they’re physical and will wear you down so as an offense you have to make sure you stay on them,”- Arian Foster, Running Back, Houston Texans.
  8. “We’re excited to play [Houston]. They’re a great team, they’re fast, so now we’ve got to go out there and be up for the challenge.”- DeMarcus Van Dyke, Cornerback, Oakland Raiders.
  9. “Defensively, up front right now [the Raiders are] getting after people and causing havoc, and they’re very good up front. So from that standpoint, to me right now they’re very impressive as a team and how they’re playing.”- Gary Kubiak, Coach, Houston Texans.
  10. “Houston is another team that’s in front of us and we’re definitely looking forward to this road trip. Hopefully, we can come out with a victory this time.” – Derek Hagan, Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders.

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