Oakland Raiders: Will Sebastian Janikowski Suit Up for Today’s Game?

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With the NFL's longest divisional win streak on the line, the question on everyone's mind as the Oakland Raiders prepare to take on their arch rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, at the Black Hole is this.

Can we rely on Sebastian Janikowski to make those seemingly impossible three point field goals and score those points after that we have all come to take for granted?

Maybe, but rumour has it that veteran kicker Dave Rayner, who signed with the Raiders on Saturday, will be doing the honours against the Kansas City Chiefs.

That would give Sebastian, who has a sore left hamstring, two weeks to heal before facing the Denver Broncos, their other arch rival from the old American Football League, on 6 November 2011, also at the Black Hole.

The Oakland Raiders beat the Cleveland Browns last Sunday by a score of 24 to 17. They are 4 and 2 for the season. If they beat Kansas City, they will enjoy a bye week before facing the Broncos with a 5-2 record .




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