Raiders: Oakland Fans Out Shout San Diego Fans at Black Hole South

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Are there really more Oakland Raiders fans in Baja Oakland, a.k.a. “San Diego”, than San Diego Charger fans? Or do they just yell louder? This post was originally posted on 13 November 2011.

When it comes to home field advantages, the Oakland Raiders are said to have at least two: Black Hole North, a.k.a. the Oakland Coliseum, and Black Hole South, a.k.a. Qualcomm Stadium.

Okay, so it wasn’t just wishful thinking after all!

There really were more Oakland Raiders fans than San Diego Chargers fans on Thursday 10 November 2011 at Qualcomm Stadium, a.k.a. Black Hole South, after all!

At least they were making more noise. Is that why at least one sports writer in San Diego has dubbed San Diego, “Baja Oakland”?


This is what I posted on Facebook just a few minutes into last Thursday night’s game: 

“Do you hear that crowd? Sounds like the Raiders are playing in the Black Hole. LOVE those fans in BAJA OAKLAND, a.k.a. San Diego!”

A few minutes later, Pat, a San Diego native that lives in San Francisco, posted the following in response.

“The Oakland fans all come from Los Angeles for the Raider game, [they are] not from San Diego. The San Diego Charger fans don’t usually go to the Raider-Charger games, so that’s why it’s almost like a Raider home game.”

 At least that is one explanation. But it’s not what I heard when I was in San Diego a few years back to attend a Raiders game. I was told by several die-hard Raiders fans that San Diego was a town divided – half of the football fans supporting the Chargers, half supporting the Raiders.

Pat later forwarded a text message to me that she had received from a friend whom she described as “a San Diego friend who is a true Raider fan. She was at the game.”

“This isn’t Qualcomm,” Pat’s friend enthused.

“I’m in the Bay Area … [it’s a] sea of Raiders [fans] …”

Hue Jackson Weighs In

Raiders Coach Hue Jackson was full of praise for those vociferous Raiders fans in San Diego.

“The fans were outstanding,” Hue said in a quote published on the Oakland Raiders website.

”They were phenomenal. You walked out there before the game, and it was all Oakland Raiders fans. When we came out, I thought we had a little more applause than the home team. I get excited about that because these fans are unbelievable.”

For the record, the Raiders held off the Chargers 24 to 17.

Thanks in no small part to that home field advantage!



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