Tips on Getting into Hollywood’s Hottest Clubs


Clubbing in Los Angeles is a two step process. The first step is finding out where the A Listers party.

That’s the easy part. Read the gossip columns. Go on line. Check out the list I’ve put together below.

But be forewarned! A Listers are fickle, and they can drop a club like a hot potato. So make sure your information is up to date!

The second step is getting yourself past the bouncer and through the door. That takes a little more effort. It might cost you some money. And there’s no guarantee it will work.

Let’s start with what not to do. Here on some tips on how NOT to impress a doorman …

  1. Don’t waste your money renting a limousine. They see them all the time, and they’re not impressed by them.
  2. Don’t arrive by party bus. Most clubs will turn you away if they see you getting off one.
  3. Don’t arrive with a group of guys. The more is not the merrier if you’re trying to gain entry to an exclusive club.
  4. Don’t wear flashy labels – especially Ed Hardy.
  5. Don’t flash big wads of cash, peeling off a few large bills and handing it ostentatiously to the bouncer. This can seriously backfire – but not always (see below)!
  6. Don’t say, “I’m a friend of the owner.”
  7. If you’re turned down, don’t say, “But I’m on the list … please look again1”
  8. Don’t arrive wearing sports attire.
  9. Don’t arrive dressed up like a gangster.
  10. Worst of all, never arrive wearing an Oakland Raiders cap, jersey, or jacket. Worse yet, don’t dress up like you’re a Los Angeles Raiders fan – that’s he kiss of death!

Now that you know what not to do, here are some strategies for increasing your chances of getting into one of Hollywood’s top clubs and dancing shoulder to shoulder with the stars.

How to Gain Entry to Hollywood’s Top Nightclubs

  1. Dress well. You might even want to check out the club ahead of time to see how those gaining admission are dressed. You want to fit in, not stand out.
  2. Be humble and have a great attitude – as in “don’t have attitude”.
  3. Ask politely if you can get in. Arrogance and pushiness will get you nowhere. Politeness might not work, but it increases your chances.
  4. Arrive in a mixed group, the more women, the better.
  5. Observe how the door is run. If you look around, you might discover that the one calling the shots is not the one holding the clipboard. Once you determine who really makes the decision, make eye contact and politely ask if you can come in.
  6. If you think a tip will do the trick, be discrete. Place a US$20 bill (or higher!) in the palm of your hand with the number showing just slightly. This will work with some doormen, but not with all doormen.
  7. Consider reserving a table for a certain number of people. Many clubs will require that you purchase several bottles of liquor. These will usually come with mixers and sometimes a VIP hostess. Be forewarned: bottle service is usually very expensive. On the plus side, you won’t have to wait in line for drinks at the bar.
  8. Read the celebrity pages of newspapers and magazines. Most Hollywood parties are organized by promoters. Determine who they are and follow them on Facebook. Find out what events are coming and how you can get on the list of invitees.
  9. Makes friends with Hollywood A Listers.
  10. Best of all, make friends with bouncers. And if that fails, consider becoming a bouncer!

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