Aviation: How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying


A one day course to help nervous passengers overcome their fear of flying is offered by British Airways. Click on the above picture to watch a video on this course.

Travel Tips

If you are afraid of flying, Captain Steve Allright, a pilot for British Airways, can help. He offers a one day course to help travelers that fear flying overcome their anxiety when boarding an aircraft.

Called British Airways Flying with Confidence, the course explains the technical side of flying, how an aircraft operates, and other areas that give passengers cause for concern.

Why, for example, do airplanes experience turbulence?

"The British Airways Flying with Confidence course has helped more than 45,000 people over the past 25 years,” Steve says.

"I really hope that we can reach, and help even more people with this video – whether they're flying for business or for their holidays."



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