Hong Kong: Sneak Preview of Cafe Deco’s New Sustainable Menu

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Cafe Deco on the Peak in Hong Kong has been renovated and features an extensive new menu. Photo Credit: the Cafe Deco Group.

Food + Beverage

Café Deco on the Peak in Hong Kong relaunches today, 12 September 2012, following a complete renovation of the interior and a revamp of the menu. New features include a Parisian style patisserie, an enlarged children’s play area, and a WWF endorsed menu of sustainable seafood dishes.

“From September 2012, Café Deco will be adding an environmentally friendly dimension to its menu,” a spokesman for the Café Deco Group says.

“Guests can enjoy a range of sustainable seafood endorsed by the WWF. Café Deco is proud to be included in this commitment to conservation and will offer guests fresh seafood prepared in a variety of cooking styles and sourced from different countries.”

New Menu

Café Deco has a wide-ranging menu, with dishes prepared in a series of show kitchens, which open onto the dining rooms. In addition a Parisian oyster bar and a sushi and seafood bar, there is an Italian pizza and pasta station, a rotisserie and grill, and three tandoori ovens. Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian dishes are also well represented.

A select group of journalists were invited to sample dishes from the new menu on 10 September 2012. Our tasting menu follows, with descriptions, prices, and an occasionall comment.

  • Freshly Shucked Seasonal Coffin Bay and Sydney Rock Oyster (HK$15 a piece). Served on the weekly Oyster Monday promotion (through mid December).
  • Foie Gras de Canard Burger with Fig (HK$388 per adult). Part of the Tuesday Dinner Buffet.
  • Canadian Sea Urchin on Nori Rice and Ceviche of Canadian Sea Scallops with Ginger (HK$158). Part of the Sustainable Seafood Section on the A la Carte Menu and Sunday Brunch Uni Specials (HK$468 per adult).
  • Pumpkin Soup with Gruyere Crème Fraiche and Croutons (HK$42) from the Children’s Menu – Super Food. Wouldn’t you know it, my favourite dish so far was from the children’s menu. The soup was thick, velvety, and rich – with just the right tang. It was reminiscent of those wonderful pumpkin soups I had during a trip to Portugal a few summers back.
  • Masala Dosai (HK$168) from the new Ala Carte Menu. Crisp rice and lentil crepe filled with potato-cauliflower masala, dhal lentils, and condiments. This dish was sublime. It was light and beautifully presented, and those pineapple, lentil, and yogurt condiments were to die for. The dhal, meanwhile, was thin, light, and crispy. Can we refer to this as Nouvelle Indian?
  • Mojito Sorbet. A sweet and sour concoction of lemon and lime foam, sorbet, and jelly, with thin shreds of green apple. Very, very, very refreshing! Another one of the evening’s highlights.
  • Surf & Turf Australian Wagyu Beef and Canadian Lobster (HK$388) from the Surf & Turf Promotion, Dinner Specials. The beef was tender, succulent, and rare – just the way I like it.
  • Grand Marnier Souffle with Tangerine Rambutan Gelato (HK$88). The souffle was light and airy. I have no idea what rambutan is, but it was both tangy and refreshing. The perfect finish to an excellent meal.

Spectacular Views

On a rare clear day – or evening – the views from Victoria Peak, where Café Deco is located, are spectacular, and I’ve been lucky. I’ve visited the restaurant twice recently, once a couple of months ago to preview the new menu at lunch and again on Monday night (10 September 2012) to sample yet more dishes.

On both occasions, the skies over Hong Kong were clear as a bell, and the views of Central, Victoria Harbour, and the Kowloon Peninsula were truly breathtaking.

Café Deco is located on levels 1 and 2 of The Peak Galleria on the Peak on Hong Kong Island. Best way to get there? The Peak Tram!



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