Oakland: a Raider Fans Guide to His Hometown – Woodminster Ampitheatre

Oakland, sunset at Woodminster Ampitheatre in Joaquim Miller Park. Photo Credit Peter Woo. Courtesy of Woodminster Ampitheatre.Sightseeing

This is the seventh in a series of travel guides to my hometown, Oakland, California, for fans of the  Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics.

Known as the Poet of the Sierras, Joaquim Miller ( 8 September 1837 – 17 February 1913) made his home in the Oakland Hills from 1886 until his death. He planted thousands of trees – Monterey cypress, Monterey pine, olive, and eucalyptus. Redwood trees and oaks are endemic to the zone.

Joaquim Miller built himself a house called the Hights. He built an abby, which still exists. He also left behind some quirky monuments made of rock. He hoped to turn the site into a refuge for writers.

Woodminster Amphitheatre

After his death, the city of Oakland acquired Joaquim Miller's estate, turning the land into a 500 acred park, which was constructed during the Depression. The park is suitable to hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. There are also facilities for picnics and barbecues.

A key feature of the park is the Woodminster Ampitheatre, where three Broadway musicals are staged each summer under the stars. The lineup for 2013 is Annie Get Your Gun, A Chorus Line, and Miss Saigon.

Woodminster Ampitheatre is located at 3300 Joaquim Miller Road, Oakland, California (Telephone: (510) 531-9597). Watch musicals under the stars – until the fog rolls in. Located high in the Oakland Hills in lovely Joaquin Mill Park with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay.

For More on Oakland and the Oakland Raiders

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