Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Is It Still a Rivalry?



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UPDATED FOR THE 2017 NFL SEASON The Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off at Oakland's notorious Black Hole on Thursday night, 19 October, before a national television audience. 

The rivalry between the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs goes back more than half a century. Once upon a time, it was one of the greatest rivalries – if not THE greatest rivalry – in American football, dating back to the 1960s, when both teams called the American Football League (AFL) home.

Season after season, it was Oakland battling it out with Kansas City for that coveted title, Best in the West.Make that Best in the WILD, WILD West!

Changing Times

How times have changed! Here we are in week 7 of the 2017 National Football League (NFL) season, and the Chiefs are riding high atop  the AFC West with a commanding 5 and 1 record.

As for the Raiders, they started regular reason play with two straight wins (and there was talk of a trip to the Super Bowl).

Following that heady start, however, there were four straight losses, including a squeaker last week against the Chargers, who relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles this season.

The Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs will play before a national television audience on 19 October.

Heading into Thursday night's game, the Chiefs are odds-on favourites to beat the Raiders. They have won seven of the last eight football games between their old AFL rivals.

Can Raiders beat the odds, end their losing streak at four, and pull off an upset? Stranger things have happened.

It would be reassuring to think that the Raiders could count on a home field advantage, playing before a raucous  crowd at Oakland's notorious Black Hole. But that didn't seem to help at last week's game against the Chargers.

After six weeks of play, the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers are languishing in the basement with disappointing 2 and 4 records.

The Raiders and Chargers will meet again on the final game of the regular season.

Unless the two rivals get their respective acts together, this very well could end up as a Battler of the Basement.

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