Jane Austin, Inspiration and Interpretation (Part Two)


Britain, Basildon_Park, Berkshire, England. Photo Credit David Merrett.

Groombridge Place in Kent, England. Photo Credit: Richard Croft via Wikiemedia Commons.

Seventh in a Series  

Jane Austen is one of England's most celebrated authors, and 2013 marks the 200th anniversary her most popular novel, Pride and Prejudice. It was first published in 1813. VisitEngland has compiled a list of the locations that featured in the lives of Jane Austen and the characters in her novels so that readers can follow in their footsteps. Today we look at Baildon Park in Berkshire and Groombridge Place in Kent – both in England.

Another star of the 2005 production was Basildon Park in Berkshire, which featured as the dreamy location for Darcy and Elizabeth's first meeting at Netherfield.  With both its impressive exterior and many of its indoor spaces featuring in the lavish production, Basildon is instantly recognizable to fans of Jane Austin.

The house is also the setting for the film's sumptuous ballroom scenes, which take place in Basildon's dining room.  Entry to Basildon Park costs £10 per adult; £5 per child.

Britain Groombridge Place Photo Credit Richard Croft via Wikiemedia Commons

Groombridge Place in Kent, England. Photo Credit: Richard Croft via Wikiemedia Commons

Groombridge Place in Kent

Perhaps the most important location is that of Longbourne, residence of the Bennett family and the site of much of the novel's action and excitement.

The 2005 film used Groombridge Place in Kent, while the six-part BBC adaptation of the novel used Luckington Court in Wiltshire, which now offers dedicated tours to show fans filming locations around the house, which remains largely unchanged. 

Walk in the Footsteps of Jane Austen

This is the second in a series on Jane Austen and the places that shaped her life – and the lives of her characters.

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