Aviation: World’s Top 10 Airports According to Travelers


Control Tower at Singapore Changi International Airport.

Travel Stats

What is their secret? Once again, Singapore Changi International Airport comes in first place in the Skytrax World Airport Awards survey of the world's best airports. The results are based on a global airport passenger satisfaction survey of travelers from more than 160 countries.

Singapore Airport has been among the world's three best airports constantly for the last 14 years. And interestingly, four of the world's top five airports are in Asia, four of the top 10 airports are in Europe, and only one of the world's best airports is in North America.

No airports in Africa, Australia, Latin American, the Middle East, or the United States made the top 10 list.

"At Changi Airport, we believe in focusing on the needs of our passengers and providing them with only the best of airport experiences, with our exciting slew of offerings that have been introduced through the years that add a touch of delight for our passengers,” says Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer, Changi Airport Group. 

“Our success has been possible only with the contributions of our partners.  We thank them for their fullest support and our passengers for their vote of confidence." 

World's Best Airports – How They Compare


1. Singapore Changi Airport – Singapore.

2. Incheon Airport – Seoul, Korea.

3. Amsterdam Airport – Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

4. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport – Beijing, China.

6. Munich Airport – Munich, Germany

7. Zurich Airport – Zurich, Switzerland.

8. Vancouver International Airport – Vancouver, British Columbia.

9. Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport – Tokyo, Japan.

10. London Heathrow Airport – London,England.

Your Response Wanted!

Do you agree with the results of this survey? In your opinion, what is the world's best airport? And what about the world's WORST airport?

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