Social Media: Have Postcards Gone the Way of the Dodo Bird?

Aviation lufthansa in flight female passenger with app

An increasing number of travelers search for travel information on line. Photo Credit: Lufthansa German Airlines

Information Technology

Remember sending picture postcards when you went on trips? Remember getting them from friends when they went on trips? They were once the most popular way for travelers to communicate with friends and family back home.

But a study by global travel search site Skyscanner reveals that only 11% of travelers still send picture postcards when they go on holiday, while an an overwhelming majority of 91% say they now keep in touch with friends and family by way of social media..

Think of it as the Facebook effect.

If a majority of 58% of respondents to the Skyscanner survey say that they keep in touch with family and friends by way of Facebook, four out of five respondents admit to logging on at least once every couple of days, and 17% say they check their feeds at least once every couple of hours.

I belong to that 17%.

Singapore Sling

Only 8% of the 1,000 Singaporean travelers say they still send picture postcards, with nearly two thirds saying they use Facebook to communicate with others about their travels. A third of respondents from Singapore say they log onto social media once a day while a quarter check their accounts twice a day or more.

It appears that travel brochures might also be joining picture postcards in the junk heap of history. Nearly nine out of 10 travelers say that no longer use brochures for holiday inspiration, with 17% preferring to refer to websites, 21% referring to social media, and 14% consulting friends.

Newspapers and Magazines

But printed matter has not gone completely out of style. Many travelers continue to refer to newspapers and magazines for travel inspiration.

“Social networks have transformed the way we communicate with the world and are now the most popular way to stay in touch with those at home to share our holiday experiences having replaced the more traditional postcard,” says Skyscanner's Victoria Bailie.

“The Internet has changed everything, not only the way we communicate but also the way we look for inspiration. Gone are the days of trawling through endless pages of travel agent brochures. These days most of us surf the net or turn to our favourite newspaper."

Social Media Infographic

Skyscanner Social Media and Travel 2

Your Response Wanted!

Do you ever send postcards when you travel? Where do you go for travel inspiration?

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