Travel Gossip: South African Hotel Launches Sports Buddy Programme

Fiitness twelve apostles hotel sports buddy programme

The Twelve Apostles Hotel in Capetown South Africa, has launched to Sports Buddy programme. Photo Credit: The Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

Health and Fitness

Many people find it challenging to keep fit when they’re at home. When traveling, it seems downright impossible. First there are those hotel breakfast buffets. Then there is the issue of time – how can you fit a trip to the fitness centre into your busy routine?

The Twelve Apostles Hotel in Capetown, South Africa, has an inspiring solution – and it’s as good for hotel staff as it is for hotel guests.

Under the hotel’s Sports Buddy programme, hotel guests can choose from a variety of sporting activities either at the hotel or in the hotel’s vicinity. They are then paired with hotel employees, who accompany them to keep them focused and motivated.

Since the hotel employees also get to exercise, it keeps hotel staff in better shape, too. Surely this has both physical and psychological benefits.

Bicycling, yoga, golf, and squash are among the possible choices. Some activities require an additional charge.

The Twelve Apostles is a member of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

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