Travel Gossip: United Airlines Cuts Fuel Consumption by One Third

United Airlines Boeing 787_1st_TakeOff


US based United Airlines has cut fuel consumption by 32% since 1994 thanks to better scheduling, taxiing with only one engine, using ground rather than on board auxiliary power when on the tarmac, and using lighter weight products aboard aircraft.

The airline, meanwhile, is on track to cut fuel consumption this year by 85 million gallons, which equals 828,750 metric tonnes of CO2.

This is not only good for the environment, it is also good for the airline’s bottom line. Fuel is the single largest expense in an air carrier’s budget.

“We are committed to reducing our fuel consumption and our environmental footprint,” says United’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smisek.

“I am proud of the actions we take every day throughout the year that help shape a more sustainable future for our customers, our co-workers and the communities we serve.”

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