Travel Gossip: Mexican Beach Resorts Offer Up to 50% Off!

Meixco beach at Acapulco Photo Credit Black Water Patrol.

Acapulco, Mexico, is world famous for its beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels and resorts. Photo Credit: Black Water Patrol.

Cinco de Maio

Beach Resorts in Mexico are offering up to 50% Off Mexican Hotel Rooms in celebration of Cinco de Maio, which is Spanish for the Fifth of May. It celebrates victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla on 5 May 1862.

Cinco de Maio has evolved into an important celebration of Mexican heritage and pride in the United States. It is not, however, celebrated throughout Mexico and should not be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, which falls on 16 September.

Cinco de Maio is celebrated primarily in the land-locked state of Puebla, where the Battle of Puebla took place. But that’s no excuse not to down a few Margaritas on the beaches of Acapulco, Cancun, or Mazatlan!

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