Travel Gossip: California Hotel Launches In-Room Wine Partnerships

Paso Robles Inn

Paso Robles Inn is located on the town square of Paso Robles, California. Photo Credit: Paso Robles Inn.


The Paso Robles Inn on the Central California Coast will convert 18 rooms into winery-branded rooms during a complete overhaul of the boutique hotel during the summer of 2013. 

The guest rooms will be completely renovated from floor to ceiling. Bathrooms will be updated, Soft goods and other amenities will be upgraded.

Partnering wineries, meanwhile, will provide representative touches in art, furniture, and accessories to give each room a distinctive theme.

“The branding concept is an opportunity to strengthen the partnerships already in place with the Inn, to broaden exposure to each winery partner in a new way,” a press release issued by the hotel says. 

The Paso Robles Inn is located on the city square of Paso Robles, California, on the state’s Central Coast halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Paso Robles sits at the heart of  one of the largest and most diverse wine producing regions in California.

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