Travel Gossip: Ametis Villa appoints Executive Chef for Eternal Restaurant

Bali ametis villa bali

Dining on the beach as the sun sets into the Indian Ocean at Eternal on the island of Bali. Photo Credit: Ametis Villa Bali.


Fine dining in Bali has just gotten a bit finer, with the appointment of Nyoman Mustika  as the Executive Chef at Eternal, the signature restaurant at by Ametis Villa Bali.

The restaurant severes modern Indonesian dishes prepared from fresh local produce.

While delicious Indonesian favourites will remain in the menu, Chef Nyoman is planning to launch a few culinary surprises to keep diners interested.

Eternal offers dining on the beach, where dinner guests can enjoy a  yummy gourmet dinner washed down with a glass of wine while the sun slowly sets into the Indian Ocean.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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