Aviation: Airline Launches Child Friendly Checkin at German Airports

Aviation lufthansa airlines young travelers 1 Lufthansa German Airlines


Germany's national flag carrier has launched child friendly check-in counters at its two most important hubs in Germany: Frankfurt and Munich. Kids will be entertained while their parents take care of business.

You know how stressed out young travelers can get. Well, Lufthansa's two mascots, Lu and Cosmo, will welcome them and keep them entertained while Mommy and Daddy carry out checking in and baggage drop-off procedures at the airline's check in counters at airports in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany.

Before heading to the gate, parents should also make sure to pick up a brochure that will provide them with information on the locaton of children's play areas, child-friendly restaurants, the nearest spot to watch airplanes take off and land, baby changing rooms, and pharmacies in the airport terminal.

Not only that, more fun and games await young passengers at the departure gates.

Adult Passengers

I can't help but think that other passengers  – those adults flying WITHOUT young children – will also appreciate the steps that Lufthansa is taking to keep young children from getting bored.

We all know how annoying young children can be when they get bored!

Only kidding …



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