Bali: 70 Baby Sea Turtles Released into the Indian Ocean


Hotel guests, hotel employees, environmentalists, and members of the community release baby turtles into the Indian Ocean on a beach in Bali. Photo Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa.

Environmental Protection

In a display of Corporate Social Responsibility, a resort hotel in Bali joins forces with an environmental body to release sea turtles into the Indian Ocean. Three hundred people take part in the heart warming event.

When management of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa in Bali learned that an Olive Ridley turtle had laid eggs in the sand on the beach in front of the resort hotel, it had a border set up to mark and protect the nest.

In cooperation with the Bali Sea Turtle Society, the hotel’s environmental team monitered the nest daily, allowing the eggs to incubate and hatch naturally.

Fifty-three days later, hotel guests, hotel employees, and members of the local community were invited to participate in the release the 70 baby turtles into the Indian Ocean.

A total of 300 people took part in the heart-warming event, which recalled a simliar incident in June 2012, when 110 baby turtles were released by into the sea. Two more nests are currently under observation at the resort hotel.

The baby turtles are expected to hatch in three weeks.

Gift from Nature

“Having the mother turtles laying eggs here is like a gift from nature,” says Urs Klee, General Manager of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa.

“We hope that the baby turles will be able to survive in the ocean and come back to this beach to lay their eggs in the future.”

For more on the hotel, please click on the following link: Hotel Review: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel in Bali Redfines Executive Lounge.


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