Aviation: If There Are Five Packing Types, Which Kind Are You?


Families traveling together often “pool their resources” so that no bags are over weight. Photo Credit: London City Airport.


London City Airport has identied five packing types, which run from the Kitchen Sink Packer, who takes more than is needed, to the Mary Poppins Packer, who can fit everything needed into a carpet bag – with room to spare.

What kind of packer are you?

I might be a frequent flier, but I’m not the world’s best packer. I was interested, therefore, to learn that London City Airport had pigeon-holed packers into five distinct categories, and I was hoping to gain some insight into what kind of packer I was.

After reading the following list, however, I’m not sure where exactly I fit in. I think I started out as a Kitchen Sink Packer, and through the years I have strived to become a Pants & Polo Packer. But I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

  1. The Kitchen Sink Packer – Anticpates every scenario, taking far more than could possibly be needed – even for an overnight trip.
  2. The Pants & Polo Packer – Takes only what is needed, with layers and coordinated colours, so that only one carry-on bag is needed, saving time at check-in and arrival.
  3. The My Case or Yours Packer – Families often have to “pool their resources” so that no piece of luggage is over limit.
  4. The Last Minute Packer – No forward planning so nothing matches. There’s too much of this, not enough of that. Total chaos!
  5. The Mary Poppins Packer – Only the bare essentials.

“In the summer months our regular business passengers take time off for a holiday and we see more leisure travelers using our services to France, Italy and the Balearics – bringing a lot more luggage than we’re used to!” says Declan Collier, Chief Executive of London City Airport.

London City Airport is test-running Luggage Lifters during peak travel periods this summer, when leisure travelers temporarily out number frequent travelers.

The idea is to help those with less packing experience make it from car or taxi to the check-in counter in a more efficient manner.

“Our passengers’ packer personalities fluctuate wildly from groups of Pants & Polos and Mary Poppinses to a mix of Kitchen Sinkers, My Case or Yours and Last Minute Packers. The bags – and their owners – come in all shapes and sizes, and our Luggage Lifters concept is designed to provide a little extra help, whether you’re carrying a pushchair, surfboard or entire walk-in wardrobe,” Declan says

Comment and Analysis

I acquired two suitcases a couple of years back. One seems a bit too large, the other a bit too small. And this is what I have discovered: large suitcases are easier to pack than small suitcases. With the small suitcase, I need to roll, tuck, and rearrange. It seems ever so stressful.

With the large suitcase, I have difficulty filling the space. However …

I find it easier to simply stack things I know I won’t need to fill the excess space – underwear, socks, or sweaters. When I return home, I simple remove these objects and return them – neatly stacked back into my closets.

Another trick is crumpling up newspapers to fill out empty spaces. This stops things from moving around. It also allows space to put things I acquire during my travels.

Packing Tips

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