Aviation: Singapore Airlines Rolls Out New Cabins on London Route

Aviation Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER next generation cabins 2

First class cabin of the Singapore Airines Boeing 777-ER.Photo Credit: Singapire Airlines.

Airline News 

Passengers flying between Singapore and London, England, on Singapore Airlines will be the first to experience the new cabins that have been installed on eight of the air carrier's Boeing 777-ERs.

All three cabins – First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class – have been completely redesigned.

“The significant investment in our next generation of cabin products reaffirms our commitment to product innovation and leadership, and demonstrates our confidence in the future for premium full-service air travel," says SIA's Executive Vice President Commercial, Mak Swee Wah.


Aviation Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER next generation cabins 1

First Class cabin of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-ER. Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines.



"Special attention has been given to ergonomics, comfort, convenience and design, as well as to our customers' interests and lifestyles. The task that we gave ourselves and our design partners when we started the process was to make 'A Great Way to Fly' even better. We are confident that we have delivered."

 Comment and Analysis

I haven't flown on the new Boeing 777-ER yet, but I have flown on the Airbus A-380 on two different airlines: Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

I must say, the cabins of those Boeing 777-ERs had such a luxurious feel that I wondered if it would reallly be worth splashing out the extra cash to fly Business Class.

In fact, when I posted a picture of the cabin on Facebook, a friend actually thought that I WAS flying Business Class!


Interestingly enough, when I flew to Europe on Business Class in an airliner with fly-flat seats several months ago, I had diffculty sleeping. Would you believe that I actually prefer the Business Class seats of old?

They were spacious and comfy – like an armchair. I haven't checked out their dimensions yet, but I think the old seats were wider. If not, they were certainly more comfortable.

I found trying to sleep on the lie-flat seats a bit like sleeping on a stretcher.

Your Feedback Wanted!

Have you flown on the Boeing 777-ER or the Airbus-380 yet? If so, what did you think of the cabin? Please leave your comments in the comment box below – or on  Facebook.



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