Hong Kong: How to Repell Mosquitoes the Natural Way

Para'Kito, Vanessa Ruzzixa. 2

Vanessa Ruzzica, International Coordinator, Distributor & PR, Para’Kito, with one of the goodies bags distributed to invited media. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

New Product Launch

The media were invited last night to enjoy “an alfresco evening under the stars” with representatives of Para’Kito and the Plug PR team. There were cocktails followed by a yummy three course dinner.

Three courses? That’s what the invitation said. What it didn’t say was that each course had several dishes, and were they ever YUMMY!!!

I didn’t take notes … I was enjoying myself too much. But I can remember this much: there was tandoori salmon, there were spring rolls, there was pork neck with a delicious dipping sauce, there were prawns, there was some kind of curry, and for dessert there was a cold mango soup.


Succulent prawns were among the many yummy dishes on the menu. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.


 Have I forgotten anything? Probably! I’m sure there were a few other dishes. And it was all washed down with copious quantities of wine – red or white, our choice.

Rain and thunderstorms threatened, but they didn’t materialize. So we dined on the terrace of Spices at The Repulse Bay, which just happens to be one of my favourite restaurants – not just in Hong Kong, but in the world!!!

Pan Asian Menu

The menu is decribed as pan-Asian, but I would term it as mostly Southeast and South Asian.Could you possibly top that?

We sat at a long table under underbrellas – just in case!!! But they weren’t necessary.

The event was organized for two reasons. The first was to celebrate the start of summer. The second was to introduce the media – and, by extension, the community at large – to Para’Kito, “Hong Kong’s best loved natural mosquito protection.”

Natural Mosquito Protection

“Para’Kito is a natural mosquito protection, made in France, that uses a combination of essential oils to mask human presence to mosquitoes,” I was told.

“The oils are impregnated in a pellet, which ‘slops’ discreetly into your wristband or clip whilst the oils diffuse over 15 days.”

Luckily for me, I’ve got the wrong (or should I say right?) blood type so mosquitoes don’t usually bother me. I only get bitten once or twice a year – three times max.

I’ll pass my goodies bag on to friends that are bothered by mosquitoes and ask them how the product works.


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