Britain: Lose Weight Now – Beat the January Rush!

Fitness New York Boot Camp 2

Weigh managment – it's easier to keep it off than to take it off. Take pre-emptive action before the holidays! Photo Credit: New York Boot Camp.

Health and Fitness

Most people gain weight over the Christmas and New Year holidays. If you're American, you've got to throw Thanksgiving into the mix. Then comes damage control with those New Year Resolutions on January First. Why wait?

Now's the time to take pre-emptive action – before Thanksgiving Dinner! Before those office parties! Before those Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners! And let's not forget New Year's Eve!

New York Boot Camp is offering what it calls a “boutique hoiday with unprecedented results” at a luxurious retreat in a rural setting just two hours from London.

“When we look at the simple math of weight gain — more calories in than out — it's easy to understand why we tend to gain weight in the winter months," says Mary-Lou Harris from New You Boot Camp.

"There are the summer holidays with children, full of high-calorie foods, then there's our tendency to cocoon when the days are colder and darker, staying parked in front of the fire or the TV. Who wants to run around outside in the sleet?"

If you can't make it two hours out of London, you might want to try joining a gym! Most gyms do a land office business in January. Why not join now?



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