Hong Kong: Two Michelin Star Chinese Eatery Launches Healthy Menu

Hong-kong-hotels-langham-place-gladys-leung-traditional-chinese-medicine-practitioner-chuan-spa (800x703)

Dr Gladys Leung, Tradtitional Chinese Medicine Consulant for Chuan Spa. Photo Credit: Langham Hospitality Group.


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The Executive Chef at Ming Court at Langham Place in Kowloon's Mongkok district has launched a Wellness Menu developed in conjunction with a world famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Chat with any Cantonese chef worth his soy sauce, and one thing quickly becomes apparent. Cantonese cuisine is not just about flavour, texture, and presentation.

Wellness is also of major concern. That's why menus change with the season, and it's not just about taking advantage of the freshest available ingredients according to the time of the year.

It's also about strengthening the body's immune system according to the weather, creating the right balance between yin and yang, hot and cold, the five elements, the list goes on.

Executive Chef Mango Tsang



Mango Tsang Chiu-lit, Executive Chef at Ming Court at the Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong. Photo Credit: Langham Hospitality Group.



Mango Tsang Chiu-lit, Executive Chef at the two Michelin star Chinese restaurant Ming Court at Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong, teamed up with Dr Gladys Leung, TCM Consultant for the Langham Hospitality Group's Chuan Spa, to create a Wellness Menu that features nutritious ingredients that help to restore the body's elemental harmony.

"I am delighted to join forces with Dr Gladys Leung and present our new Wellness Menu,” Chef Mango says.

“Over the years, Ming Court has created innovative and unparalleled dishes for guests. We hope this partnership brings a unique Michelin dining experience to our regular and new patrons.”

Five Elements


Hong-kong-hotels-langham-place-healthy-chinese-cuisine-traditional-chinese-medicine-tcm (800x746)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Whole Superior Pigeon, Wolfberry, and Lily Bulb improve vision and nourishthe liver and kidney. Photo Credit: Langham Hospitality Group.



The Five Elements – or Wu Xing – have traditionally been one of the most important aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) affects different parts of our body,” Chef Mango says.

“By incorporating the concept of 'Wu Xing' to Cantonese cuisine, guests will be taken on an exclusive and nutritious gourmet journey.”

Guests of the first 15 tables to order Ming Court's new Wellness Menu will be offered a complimentary 30 minute Chuan Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment created by Dr Glady Leunge.

"As the Group's worldwide TCM consultant, I have been working closely with Langham Hospitality Group's Chuan Spas around the world, aiming to promote and introduce the essence of TCM internationally", she says.

Traditional Chinese Medicine



According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Grilled Eel, Chinese Angelica, enhances the flow of Qi and blood circulation. Photo Credit: Langham Hospitality Group.



"By marrying the concept of TCM and Michelin fine dining, my alliance with Ming Court and Chef Mango will ensure guests further comprehend the benefits of TCM concepts in our daily lives."

Sounds like an idea whose time has come! Yummy food that not only tastes good. It's good for you, too!

And how about that complimentary foot massage!!!



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