Travel Gossip: Alaska Airlines Orders five More Boeing 737-900 ERs

Aviation News

Seattle based Alaska Airlines has placed an order valued at US$481 million for five more Next Generation 737-900ER aircraft. ER stands for “extended range”.

“The order of five additional 737-900ERs is an affirmation of our hometown partner’s successful strategy of offering customers good value, delivering a great onboard experience, and running an on-time airline,” says Brad McMullen, Vice President of North America Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“The 737-900ER offers Alaska Airlines the best seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane in production, which is especially important with today’s high fuel prices. The interior also complements Alaska’s excellent customer service, providing the passengers with a wonderful flying experience.”

Greater Fuel Efficiency

The Boeing 737-900ER offers 6% lower operating costs per trip and 4% lower operating costs per seat mile.

Not only does it offer greater fuel efficiency, it also offers more passenger comfort.

“Today’s announcement supports our goal of growing Alaska Airlines by 4 to 8% a year,” says Mark Eliasen, Alaska Air Group’s Vice President of Finance and Treasurer.

“The 737-900ER is a great aircraft, with the cost efficiency and reliability needed for us to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.”

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