Travel Gossip: Brunei Airline Takes Delivery of Boeing Dreamliner

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Royal Brunei Airlines has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The techonologically advanced aircraft offers greater passenger comfort and increased fuel efficiency.

“This exciting addition keeps passenger comfort and high quality service at the heart of our airline and is yet another effort to ensure our fleet remains modern and offers peaceful and tranquil travel,” says Dermot Mannion, Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines.

“As a small airline we offer truly personal service, delighting our passengers with an authentic Bruneian grace to enrich their journeys.”

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has larger windows that can be dimmed electronicially and larger overhead luggage bins that can hold more carry-on bags.

The cabin of the technologically advanced jetliner is pressurized to a lower cabin altitude. It has higher humidity levels, more advanced air filtration, and smoother ride technology for greater passenger comfort.

Half of the Boeing 787’s main structure is composed of composite materials allowing the airliner to consume 20% less fuel and emit 20% less CO2 than other airplanes of the same size.

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