Travel Gossip: HK Express Books 100,000 Flights as Launch Date Approaches


Hong Kong’s budget air carrier HK Express will launch service on 27 October 2013, and already 100,000 bookings have been made. Initial travel destinations include Penang, Malaysia; Phuket, Thailand; and Tokyo, Japan.

The Hong Kong-based airlines plans to recruit 275 new flight attendants by the end of 2015, and more than 95% of them will be residents of Hong Kong.

The airline will commence operations with a fleet of five Airbus A320s. Five additional airplanes will be added in 2014.

“We couldn’t be happier with how bookings are growing for HK Express in Hong Kong,” says Andrew Cowen, Deputy C.E.O of HK Express.

“Our success to date shows that our expansion plans are firmly on track. We are also giving young Hongkongers exciting new career opportunities as we grow and expand. But most importantly, we are helping the people of Hong Kong to travel to destinations they once thought were out of their reach. It’s a great feeling!”

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