Travel Gossip: Israeli Airline Orders Two Boeing 737-900ERs

Aviation News

El Al Israel Airlines has ordered two more Next Generation Boeing 737-900ER (Extended Range) jetliners. With this order, the airline will have ordered eight 737-ERs to date.

“This decision by El Al to purchase two more 737-900ER aircraft demonstrates our good relationship with Boeing,” says Elyezer Shkedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of EL AL Israel Airlines.

“We are committed to provide our passengers on our medium and short-haul routes with the highest quality product and service, allowing El Al to continue to be the first choice now and in the future.”

The Boeing 737-900ER can seat the most passengers and has the lowest seat-mile cost of any single aisle Boeing jetliner.

Equipped with Sky Interiors, the new airliners will offer passengers a greater sense of space while providing larger overhead storage bins in which to stash their carry-on luggage.

The Israeli airline operates an all-Boeing fleet of close to 40 airliners, which fly to more than 40 travel destinations around the world from the air carrier’s hub at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

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