Travel Gossip: Bangkok Bistro to Resemble Insane Asylum on Halloween


Bangkok’s Oskar Bistro is throwing a Halloween Party on 31 October. Photo Credit: Biz -Art Alchemy.


Halloween seems to be getting more and more popular with each passing year, and Bangkok nightspots are pulling out the stop to attract customers by staging ever more exciting events.

Take Oskar Bistro on trendy Sukhumvit Road. The popular venue will be entirely
remodeled on Halloween to resemble a 1960’s era insane asylum for criminals. You will
find an amazing decor and more than over 30  characters in the most outlandish of costmes.

Makeup and styling will be designed by the most talented make up, hair, styling, and special-effects artists in Thailand.

Oskar Asylum promises to push the envelope with the spookiest Halloween party in the Big Mango. The Halloween party is being jointly organized by Oskar Bistro and Richard Wilson from the Biz-Art Alchemy event agency.

Bistro is located at Sukhumvit 11 Road. The party will get underway at 7
pm on Thursday 31 October 2013 and continue until late.

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