Travel Gossip: Passengers on Alaska Airlines Can Now Use PEDs in Flight!


Passengers on Alaska Airlines can now you personal electroinic devices gate to gate, but mobile phones are not included.

Aviation News

First JetBlue, now Alaska Airlines. Passengers flying on Alaska Airlines flights have been able to use their personal electronic devices (PEDs) gate to gate since yesterday morning, or 9 November 2013.

Does that include tablets, book readers, and games?

“Our customers have long wanted to be able to read a book, listen to music, or watch a movie on their electronic devices whenever they’re onboard one of our flights,” says Joe Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ Vice President of Marketing.

“We’re thrilled to have FAA approval giving our customers the flexibility and better onboard experience they want.”

Sorry Chatty Cathys, but that does NOT include you – at least not yet!

As we mentioned when we reported the news that passengers flying on JetBlue Airways could start using their PEDs gate to gate, cell phones are NOT included in the new liberalized regulations.

Be thankful for small favours. Now if only they would ban handheld games with annoying sound effects from the MTR!

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