NFL: Raiders Sports Bar Challenge – and Then There Were Two

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We started out with 25 sports bars, added three (if we remember correctly), eliminated 25, named a champion – the Catalina Sports Bar and Grill of Phoenix, Arizona, with more than 10,000 votes – and now there are two sports bars left, battling it out for second place in our Oakland Raiders Sports Bar Challenge.

It's down to the Public Bar of Washington, DC, with 1,832 votes, or 60% of the tally, and  Peter Dillons of New York City, with 1,244 votes, or 40% of the tally.

Can Peter Dillon's – who took an early lead in the competition – come from behind to take second place? Or does the Public Bar have it in the bag?

Voting will continue through the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday 15 December 2013. A winner will be declared when the final whistle blows.

So vote early and vote often! May the best bar win!


One Reply to “NFL: Raiders Sports Bar Challenge – and Then There Were Two”

  1. Peter Dillon’s in NYC is the place to be on gameday…John is the best at handling the bar and representing the RAIDERS! It’s the Black Hole of NYC!


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