Chinese New Year: 15 Metre Dragon Climbs Sydney Harbour Bridge


A gold and white dragon snaked its way up the Eastern side of Sydney Harbour Bridge Tuesday 21 January 2014 in celebration of the Year of the Horse. The 15 metre long dragon was held aloft by nine performers.


A gold and white dragon scales Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo Credit: BridgeClimb Sydney.

The dragon was led up the bridge by a giant pearl, a drummer, and two cymbal players.

 "We are very honoured to share a truly special moment on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with many of our valued partners and we hope we can celebrate your support for our business and share this lifetime memory with you,” says Todd Coates, BridgeClimb CEO.

"Today, as the symbolic Chinese Dragon danced to the summit of the Bridge, we witnessed the intertwining of one of China's most celebrated cultural traditions with one of Australia's most recognised icons. It was another demonstration of BridgeClimb's ongoing commitment to foster partnerships in the Chinese market."

BridgeClimb started offering Mandarin speaking guides on its climbs up Sydney Harbour Bridge one year ago. There has been a 30% increase in the number of Chinese climbers over the following 12 months.

Your Response Wanted!

Have you ever climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge? What is your most memorable Chinese New Year memory?

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