China: Tour Operator Offers Great Wall Tours by Camper Van


The Great Wall of China is is too good a thing to rush. Unfortunately – and inexplicably – it is usually treated as a day trip because there are not many spots nearby to spend the night. So why no go by camper can?


Touring the Great Wall of China by Campervan. Photo Credit: Backyard Travel.

An on line travel agency called Backyard Travel has launched a new tour of the Great Wall called 'Discover China's Great Wall By Campervan'. Travelers are taken to the Great Wall of China by a spacious camper van that sleeps five.

Along the way, they stop at the Three-North Shelter Forest Program in Guandi, where they learn all about a green initiative to halt the desertification of northern China.

Great Wall of China


Great Wall of China Photo Credit: Backyard Travel.

Then travelers continue to the Jiankou section of the Great Wall. In the evening, they enjoy a yummy barbecue dinner under the stars before spending the night in their camper van.

Converted School


Steamed dumplings. Photo Credit: Backyard Tours.

In the morning, travelers take a three-hour walk to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. They have lunch at a converted school. They are then driven back to Beijing

Great Wall of China


Great Wall of China. Photo Credit: Backyard Tours.

"Visiting the Great Wall truly is a unique moment and one that stays in your mind forever," says Backyard Travel's General Manager Maeve Nolan.

"We've put this tailor-made tour together to offer a short yet intensive experience of the Great Wall to give travelers more insight into the local environment as well as relish the wonder itself.



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