Travel Zodiac: Where Capricorns Should Holiday in 2014


Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Capricorns are highly ambitious, and they like to reward their hard work with the finer things in life. While the rest of the world heads to Rio de Janeiro in 2014,  Sao Paulo is recommended for travelers born under this sign.


The beaux arts Municipal Theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo Credit: Paulo Angelini.

Sao Paulo is big, brash, and Brazilian – sort of South America’s answer to New York. There are soaring skyscrapers and lovely heritage buildings such as the beaux arts Teatro Municial. But just as New York has its leafy quarters – think Central Park – Brazil’s most populous city also has its green oases, and Hotel Transamerica is situated within one of them. The perfect spot to unwind, it not only has an outdoor swimming pool and other great facilities. It also has its own golf course. And that, you can rest assured, is something that no hotel in the Big Apple can boast!

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