Travel Zodiac: Where Sagittarius Should Holiday in 2014


Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Sagittarians are on a non-ending search for truth, seeking new experiences to broaden their horizons. On a trip to China, they would shun Beijing and Shanghai in favour of second tier cities such as Dalian.


Antique streetcars still ply the streets of Dalian, China. Photo Credit: Pubert.

Dalian has a checkered past, which is reflected in its combination of traditional Chinese and Western style buildings as well as the antique streetcars that continue to ply its streets. Known as Port Arthur before the Communist conquest of China in 1949, Dalian was occupied by the British, the Russians, and the Japanese. Sagittarians will feel right at home exploring the city, returning to the Furama Hotel Dalian for dinner at one of its 8 restaurants, which  serve Chinese, Japanese, French, and Italian fare.

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