Aviation: Thai Air Carrier Orders 15 Fuel Efficient Boeing 737s

News in Brief

Orders keep piling up at the Singapore Air Show . Thailand’s Nok Air has reached an agreement with Boeing to purchase 7 Boeing 737 MAX 8s and 8 Next Generation Boeing 737-800s. 

Nok is the 1st Thai airline to order the 737 MAX

“This commitment is a major step in our growth strategy,” says Patee Sarasin, CEO of Nok Air.

“The 737 is the backbone of our fleet and will continue to be in the future. These airplanes position us for growth and ensure that we’ll continue to operate the most reliable and fuel-efficient aircraft.”

The Boeing 737 is the best selling aircraft of all time. The 737-800 is the most technologically advanced version of it. Airlines flying the 737 MAX will experience an 8% improvement in cost-per-seat performance, Boeing says.

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