Singapore: World’s Top 10 Best Airports, the Lion City Roars Again!


What is their secret??? Singapore's Changi International Airport has won yet another award! For the second year running, the Lion's City's much liked airport has been named World's Best in a much respected poll.


Singapore Airines Boeing 777 taking off at Singapore Changi International Airport. Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines.

Singapore's Changi International Airport has been named the best airport in the world for the 2nd year in a row. South Korea's Incheon Airport in Seoul was in 2nd place.

The World Airport Awards 2014 are based on Skytrax surveys of 12 million international fliers from more than 160 countries. Airports were ranked according to the check-in experience, shopping and dining options, and the dreaded immigration lines.

Singlish 101

Apparently 'ridiculous English signage” was not taken into consideration in this poll.

On my first trip to Singapore, I was confronted with signs at immigration advising me to 'HOLD'. I honestly couldn't  figure out what, exactly, I was supposed to hold – My passport? My arrival card? My temper?

I finally realized it meant, 'WAIT'!

When I mentioned this to friends in Singapore, they couldn't understand my confusion. They said, “But when you are on the phone, people ask you to 'hold' – it simply means to wait.”

“Not exactly,” I said. “I think it means to hold the phone as in 'don't hang up!” 

Welcome to Singapore, lah!

World's Top 10 Airports According to Skytrax

1. Singapore-Changi

2. Incheon – Seoul, Korea

3. Munich – Germany

4. Hong Kong

5. Amsterdam-Schiphol – the Netherlands

6. Tokyo-Haneda – Japan

7. Beijing Capital – China

8. Zurich – Switzerland

9. Vancouver, B.C. – Canada

10. London-Heathrow – Britain

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