Hong Kong: Accidental Travel Writer Ranked HK’s 888th Most Popular Website!

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As of 7 May 2014, the Accidental Travel Writer is the 888th most popular website in Hong Kong, according to Alexa.com. Worldwide, it is closing in on the 200,000 mark. So how do these figures compare with other sites?


Fireworks light up the skies over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. Photo Credit: InterContinental Hong Kong.

Many people just focus on how many 'hits' a site gets, but many visitors land on a site and quickly click off because they don't find anything there that interests them. Alexa.com takes a different approach. They look at more that just the number of visits.

They look at visitor engagement, evaluating a variety of factors: not only the number of visits, but also the number of pages visited per visit, the amount of time spent on the site, and the bounce rate.

10 Minutes Plus Per Visit!

Based on this matrix, the Accidental Travel Writer is looking pretty good. Visitors spend an average of 10.26 minutes on the site, viewing an average of 3.4 pages.

With a bounce rate of just 50.5%, that results in a global ranking of 209,616 – out of the millions upon millions of websites out there.

And the ranking for Hong Kong on 7 May 2014 is 888 – a highly auspicious number in Chinese culture!

To put these figures in context, visitors to the Accidental Travel Writer spend more time on the site, visit more pages, and have a lower bounce rate than visitors to BC Magazine, Hip Hong Kong, HK Magazine, the Hong Kong Standard, the South China Morning Post, and Time Out Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Ranking

Here's how the numbers stack up in Hong Kong. Remember, the lower the number, the better …

South China Morning Post – 151

Accidental Travel Writer – 888

Time Out Hong Kong – 985

Hongkong Standard – 1,108

HK Magazine – 1,350

Hip Hong Kong – not available

BC Magazine – not available

Global Ranking

Here's how the numbers stack up globally …

South China Morning Post – 5,697

Hongkong Standard – 74,943

Time Out Hong Kong – 95,148

HK Magazine – 143,191

Accidental Travel Writer – 209, 616

Hip Hong Kong – 407,074

BC Magazine – 3,110,692

Visitor Engagement

The amount of time visitors spend on a site and the number of pages they visit is a strong indication of visitor engagement.

Accidental Travel Writer – 10.26 minutes, 3.4 pages, bounce rate of 50.5%

HipHong Kong – 4 minutes, 2.7 pages, bounce rate of 58.2%

South China Morning Post – 2.53 minutes, 2.39 pages, bounce rate of 64.5%

Time Out Hong Kong – 2.12 minutes, 2.12 pages, bounce rate of 64.9%

Hongkong Standard – 2.02 minutes, 2.38 pages, bounce rate of 56.7%

BC Magazine – 1.5 minutes, 1.3 pages, bounce rate not available

HK Magazine – 1.26 minutes, 1.47 pages, bounce rate of 75.4%

“I acknowledge that these other publications publish print editions, and most of their readers – in Hong Kong, least least – read the print rather than the on line edition,” says Michael Taylor, publisher of the Accidental Travel Writer.

“But in terms of on line engagement, our figures are looking pretty good. We broke through the 1,000 mark in Hong Kong just a few days ago, and it was especially gratifying to check our ranking today and see that it was 888 in Hong Kong because this is considered a VERY auspicious number in Chinese culture!”

Can the Accidental Travel Writer break through the 200,000 mark? Only time will tell.


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