Hong Kong: Celebrity Chef Revamps Menu, Adding Mouth-watering New Dishes

Food and Beverage

Australian Celebrity Chef David Laris flies into Hong Kong, where he revamps the menu at BellBrook bistro oz by Laris, an Australian eatery that has taken the city by storm since it opened last fall.

David Laris

Australian Celebrity Chef David Laris. Photo Credit: Dining Concepts.

You remember BellBrook bistro oz by Laris, the Australian eatery on Wyndham Street that serves that killer grapefruit infused BellBrook Lemonade, those yummy Twisties, which were inspired by Korean street food, and the world's best steak tartar!

Chef David Laris of Australia is in town, and he has revamped the menu, adding 3 very yummy dishes, a new dessert, and some cocktails.

Before I sample the new dishes, I request a Bellbrook Lemonade, the grapefruit infused cocktail that I enjoyed so much on my first visit to the Australian eatery last October.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, and it is even better than I remembered!

Whenever I'm in the 'hood, I'm DEFINITELY going to stop in for one!

Crusty Country Style Bread


The restaurant's crusty country style bread just might be it's number one draw. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

 Before the new dishes are served, a circular loaf of the restaurant's signature crusty country style bread – with the mini bucket of warm butter topped by minced, dried black olives – arrives. 

I live in a city where bread is sold with the crust already removed. When you buy a sandwich, the crust has often been cut off. Don't they know that the crust is the best part?  

My first notes of the evening: “I'd come here just for the bread!”

As for the new additions to the menu? Here are my verdicts:

Sea da Bush

Food bellbrook sea da bush (3)

Ceviche of Kingfish, scallops with finger lime, native thyme, and Tanami fire, Sea da Bush is served at BellBrook bistro oz by Laris, which is situated on Wellington Street on Hong Kong Island. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Comment: Oh, wow! It comes wrapped in brown paper with a tag saying, “Pull Me!” I do, and there is a banana leaf inside. Within the banana leaf are far more than what the menu promises.

There are thin slivers of avocado, pomegranate seeds (which I haven't had since I was a kid growing up in California), and flower petals. And it is all dusted with sesame seeds.

A definite thumbs up!

Skippy Goes to Singapore

Food bellbrook skippy goes to singapore

Server Michael Strange presents Skippy Goes to Singapore, which is  kangaroo satay, char-grilled pineapple with cress and radish salad, and bush tomato spinkle. It is served at BellBrook bistro oz by Laris,which is situated on Wellington Street on Hong Kong Island. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Comment: I didn't grow up in Australia so I'm a newcomer to kangaroo meat. It reminds me of beef, except the flavour is not as strong.

I think kangaroo needs a bit of a kick, and the mouth-watering satay and the char-grilled pineapple are the perfect accompaniments.

I only wish there were 2 skewers of grilled pineapple instead of only one. I also like the side salad with the cucumbers and radishes.

BTW, in case you're wondering, Skippy refers to the kangaroo (not the pineapple). For what it's worth, my childhood dog's name was 'Skippy' – how could I NOT love this dish?

A definite thumbs up!

A Mexican in Portugal Flies by Australia Oz da Pipo


Smoker Tasmanian trout, onion mash, sea parsley, and jalapeño mayonnaise, a Mexican in Portugal flies by Australia OZ Da Pipo is served at BellBrook bistro oz by Laris, which is situated on Wellington Street on Hong Kong Island. Photo Credit: Dining Concepts.

Comment: This is by far the star of the show!

The perfectly cooked trout is served atop a sea of  wonderfully smooth and creamy mashed potatoes seasoned with mayonnaise and just a hint of jalapeno peppers – in a small frying pan set atop a grill set atop some simmering hay.

And check out those wonderfully paper thin rings of onions scattered about! That perfect touch!

Two thumbs up – one for taste and one for presentation. If I had three thumbs, I'd give a  third thumbs up for the texture of those perfectly cooked onions!

Several new cocktails have also been added to the drinks menu. The restaurant is a member of the Dining Concepts group.


the BellBrook, bistro oz by Laris, 2/F, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 2530-1600. 

The restaurant is within walking distance of the Central MTR station, Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo, and the Mid-Levels. It is a short taxi ride from Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, North Point, Sheung Wan, SoHo, Wanchai, Western, and other spots on Hong Kong Island.

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