Middle East: Airline Orders 150 Fuel Efficient Airliners with Option for 50 More

Airlines and Aviation

Emirates Airline finalizes an order for 150 Boeing 777Xs, which includes purchase rights for an additional 50 Boeing 777X aircraft, making it one of the largest orders for commercial airplanes in aviation history.


Emirates Airline Boeing 777X. Photo Credit: Boeing.

US planer maker Boeing and Emirates Airline of the United Arab Emirates have finalized the massive aircraft order of 150 jetliners, which is valued at US$56 billion at list prices. Included are 115 Boeing 777-9Xs and 35 Boeing 777-8Xs.

If the additional 50 airplanes are purchased, the total value of the purchase would exceed US$75 billion at list prices.

"With the order for 150 777Xs, Emirates now has 208 Boeing 777s pending delivery, creating and securing jobs across the supply chain," says the airline's President, Sir Tim Clark.

"Today Emirates operates more than one in every 10 Boeing 777s aircraft built. We fly 138 of these efficient planes across the globe spanning the USA and Latin America in the west, to New Zealand and Japan in the East. The 777X will offer us operational flexibility in terms of range, more passenger capacity and fuel efficiency, and we look forward to inducting them into our fleet from 2020."

The 777-9X will be 12% more fuel efficient than comparable airliners. The 777-8X will be 5% more efficient than comparable aircraft.

Boeing has received orders for 300 777Xs from 6 airlines so far.

Production of the fuel efficient airliner is scheduled to begin in 2017. The aircraft maker hopes to delivery the first aircraft in 2020.


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