Sports: Top 10 Football Stadiums for Cheapest Beer in the NFL

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Much is made about the average cost of tickets and the high cost of parking at the stadiums that National Football League (NFL) teams play at. But what about the price of beer? What would a football game be without beer? 

At first blush it appears that at US$10.75, the beers at Oaktown’s notorious Black Hole are the priciest in the NFL.

But that US$10.75 DOES get you 20 ounces. Compare that to the US$7.50 charged for a beer in Philadelphia. That only gets you 12 ounces.

On a per ounce basis, the beers at the Black Hole ARE among the most expensive in the NFL. But three stadiums charge even more.

A beer in Philadelphia – the most expensive in the NFL – will run you 70 cents per ounce, in Arizona, it will run you 60 cents per ounce, and in New Orleans, it will run you 60 cents per ounce.

Beers at the Black Hole run 54 cents per ounce. Beers at Kansas City are right behind at 53 cents per ounce.

Sports Marketing

Team Marketing Report is a leading publisher of sports marketing and sponsorship information.

In preparing its NFL 2014 Team Marketing Report, it evaluated the average cost of attending a football game for a family of 4 at each of the stadiums the NFL’s 32 teams play in.

A variety of factors were taken into consideration: average ticket prices as well as the price of beer, soft drinks, hot dogs, parking, caps, and programmes.

We decided take this information and focus on one item: the price of beer. Things become complicated when read the fine print and discovered that the size of beers varied between 12 and 21 ounces.

That’s when we pulled out our calculator. Figures are approximate.

Top 10 Cheapest Beers

Here are top 10 cheapest beers by ounce.

1.   Dallas Cowboys – 31 cents
2.   Cincinnati Bengals – 36 cents
3.   St Louis Rams – 37.5 cents
4.   Pittsburgh Steelers – 38 cents
 –    Minnesota Vikings – 38 cents (tied for 4th)
6.   New York Jets – 42 cents
 –    New York Giants – 42 cents (tied for 6th)
8.   Denver Broncos – 44 cents
 –    Jacksonville Jaguars – 44 cents (tied for 8th)
10. Washington Redskins – 45 cents

All very interesting. Now if only we could determine which stadium serves the COLDEST beer!


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