Information Technology: Customs Wait Times Cut by 40% for 70% of Arriving International Passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Airlines and Aviation

Customs wait times at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have been cut by 40% for 70% of arriving international passengers since the expedited customs declarations program was implemented.


Expedited Customs Clearance kiosks. Photo Credit: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers the following clearance programmes for arriving international passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport:

  • Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program, which expedites customs procedures for pre-approved travellers.
  • Automated Passport Control for US and Canadian citizens, citizens of 38 countries with visa waiver status in the United States, and foreign nationals holding US Green Cards.
  • Carry E-Z lines for passengers travellers without checked luggage.

“Approximately 70% of DFW’s international travellers automatically process through security, waiting an average of less than 14 minutes,” says Sean Donohue, Chief Executive Officer at DFW Airport.

“Working in partnership with the CBP, we have shortened wait times by 40%, while still experiencing an 8.46% increase in overall passenger traffic. We are proud to be the only U.S. airport that offers all of these programmes, and it is a huge milestone in our effort to become the preeminent global hub for passengers around the world.”

DFW 101

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas. The airport opened in 1974.

The airport is served by 24 airlines including 11 domestic air carriers and 13 foreign flag air carriers serving a total of 204 travel destinations around the world, including 147 cities in the United States and 55 cities in foreign countries.

The airport has 7 runways, 5 terminals, and 155 gates serving an average of approximately 165,580 passengers every day.

The airport is a major hub for American Airlines, with 56% of passengers making connections at the airport, which is within 4 hours of all major cities within the continental United States.

Dallas Love Field

North Texas is also served by Dallas Love Field, which is located 6 miles, or 10 kilometres, northwest of downtown Dallas.

The airport is a major hub for low-cost air carrier Southwest Airlines. Continental Express and American Airlines/American Eagle also serve the airport.

Budget air carrier Virgin America has recently announced plans to move its North Texas operations from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Dallas Love Field on 13 October 2014.

Travel destinations will include Los Angeles International Airport, New York's LaGuardia Airport, Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, DC, and San Francisco International Airport.

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