Britain: SoCal Transplant Moves North, Stays True to His Team, and Reps the Raiders in London

American Football

Douglas Seguin might have been living in Seattle, Washington, for 20 years, but the Southern California translant has remained true to his team, reppin the Raiders – and connecting with other fans – everywhere he goes.


Terry Scott ascends Queen’s Statue in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England, with his Silver and Black Stars and Stripes.


Douglas Sequin of Seattle, Washington, is a die-hard Oakland Raiders fan.

He has seasons tickets, and he has attended Oakland Raiders games at football stadiums all over the United States.

“I was born and raised in Southern California,” Douglas says.

“I’ve been a Raider fan since birth in 1975.

But if Douglas moved to Seattle, Wasshington, 20 years years ago, he has no plans of jumping ship and becoming a Seahawks fan.

“Raiders fans don’t sell out or bandwagon,” Douglas says.

“This is for life.”

Crossing the Pond

So what has the reception been like in London? Pretty much the same as it has been everywhere he has attended a game.

“No matter where we’ve gone, we’ve met new Raider family,” Douglas says.

“It rings true no matter where we go. I run into other Raider family literally everywhere I go. It’s the same every game you go to in any stadium. The Raider Nation represents deep at every game.”


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