Britain: Raider Fans Turn Wembly Stadium into Black Hole II

American Football

The Oakland Raiders are officially the home team when they on the Miami Dolphins at Wembly Stadium, and many fans say the atmosphere is pretty much like a home game at Oaktown’s notorious Black Hole.


Gorilla Rilla (left), Keith Smith, a.k.a. Crusader Raider,and …at Wembly Stadium in London England.


Die-hard Oakland Raiders fan Monica Cullen is from Vallejo, California. She went to the game in London following a one-day stopover in Ireland. She – along with other Raider fans – says Londoners made her feel right at home.

“Being a ‘home’ game for the Raiders, London did well,” Monica says.

“Wembley had the same videos that are shown during games in Oakland!”

Fans were given flags that said ‘Raider Nation'. Just Win Baby banners were everywhere. And buses had signage saying, ‘The Raiders are coming’.

“People were terrific to us,” Monica says.

“We met a football team from Austria, The Mosviertel Bastards.”

A card-carrying member of the Raider Nation, Pony Girl is equally upbeat.

“This was the best vacation and my first time in London,” Pony says.

“I took over a 1,000 pictures and some videos. Being in London but still feeling like I was in Oakland for a regular game… All smiles. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything right now!


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