Sports: Arizona Raider Fans Urged to Keep the Faith!

American Football

The Oakland Raiders go into week 7 of the 2014 season with an 11 game loosing streak – the longest in franchise history. Arizona Raider fans are urged to not to ‘jump ship’ as the team faces the Arizona Cardinals.


Catalina Sports Bar and Grill is Raider Central in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit: The Phoenician Raiders Booster Club.


As the Oakland Raiders get set to take on the Arizona Cardinals at Oaktown’s notorious Black Hole on Sunday 19 October 2014, Michael Smallwood, President of the Phoenician Raiders Booster Club of Phoenix, Arizona, is urging Raider fans in the Grand Canyon State to remain loyal to the Silver and Black.

“The timing couldn't be worse for us,” Myke says.

“The Arizona Cardinals are riding high and OUR RAIDERS have matched our longest losing streak in franchise history.”

And in case you are wondering, the Raiders’ longest loosing streak was more than half a century ago! In 1962, the nascent Oakland Raiders – then playing at Frank Youell Field in downtown Oakland – lost a breathtaking 11 games in a row.

I was at junior high school at the time, and I remember my best friend saying, "I wish we hadn't gotten a football team! They're giving Oakland a bad name!"

Dawn of an Era

That, of course, was before Al Davis took over and turned things around. Before we knew it, our Raiders were the baddest, most feared football team in the now defunct American Football League.

But I digress …

As of last week, the Oakland Raiders have tied their longest loosing streak record. If the Raiders lose this week against the Arizona Cardinals, the team will set a new record.

Say it isn’t so!

“If your plans are to abandon ship, NOW’S THE TIME!!!” Myke says.

“If your plans are to defend your SILVER AND BLACK PRIDE, however, then make sure you come out to your local Valley Raider Bar to watch the game this Sunday when the Cardinals take on the RAIDERS!!! Call your other RAIDER fan friends, uncles, aunts, cousins, ex-husbands, ex-wives etc [and ask them to come, too]!!!”

Black Hole Envy

With the Arizona Cardinals riding high – they are 4 and 1 as we go into week 7 of the 2014 NFL season – Myke worries that some fair-weather fans might be tempted to ‘jump ship’ and switch loyalties.

Will Cardinal fans attempt an invasion of Raider strongholds in the Greater Phoenix Area?

“There will be a lot of ‘fair-weather Cardinal fans’ that suffer from ‘BLACK HOLE ENVY’ who may be thinking about coming to OUR BARS to watch the game,” Myke warns.


Memorable and Significant

The Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders and the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals have only met 8 times in the regular season, but Jerry Knaak of describes all 8 of those match ups as both ‘memorable and significant’.

The Raiders lead the series 5 to 3.

The Oakland Raiders have a massive fan base in the Southwest, and when they play in Arizona, large numbers of Raider fans show up.

If  I remember correctly, there was one game a few years back at which there were more Raider fans in attendance than Cardinal fans. Can someone please verify for me if that is correct (and if so, which game it was)? Please leave a comment in the comment box below!

As a result, Myke worries that Cardinal fans might try to ‘return the favour’ by showing up at the 2 watering holes that members of the Phoenician Raiders Booster Club frequent.

He apparently is no believer of tit for tat.

"Don't let them do to us what we've done to them at Sun Devil Stadium or Cardinal Stadium over the last several meetings here in the Phoenix area,” Myke implores.

“They can't take any bar seats that are already occupied by Raider fans!!!”

Myke urges Raider fans to come early and and wear their Raiders pride LITERALLY on their sleeves.

“WEAR SILVER and BLACK!!!” Myke says.

“And show other NFL fans that RAIDER FANS are like no other sports fans on earth!!! Win, lose, or tie, RAIDERS TILL WE DIE!!!!”




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