Norway: Airline Launches Route Linking Dubhai with Oslo


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Oslo, Norway, is the newest travel destination in the growing Emirates Airline route network. A daily service links the Norwegian capital with the airline's hub at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.


Oslo Harbour. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


Emirates Airline launched a daily flight to Oslo, Norway, on 27 October 2014. The service will be operated on a Boeing 777-300ER (extended range) aircraft.

The flight will offer connections to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East through its hub at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emriates (UAE). Emirates is the first airline to offer First Class service to the Norwegian capital.

“Tapping into markets like Norway, which are currently underserviced in terms of international connections, has been a key driver for our success in the past and we are confident that Oslo will be another example of this," says Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

"We also anticipate healthy demand for our First Class product, which is aligned with the needs of our corporate travellers out of Norway."

Bilateral Tourism Boost

With its great beaches, yummy cuisine, fabulous restaurants, excellent hotels, sumptuous spas, and exciting nightlife, Thailand has long been a popular travel destination for Norwegian travellers.

With the new route, Norway is expected to prove a popular travel destination for Thai and other Asian travellers, as well.

“Now it is even easier for people to take a trip on the Norwegian fjords, or witness the stunning northern lights," says Jabr Al-Azeeby, Emirates' Manager for Thailand and Indochina.

"Thailand has also been a firm favourite for Norwegian tourists and we hope that adding more convenient travel options and improved connections for travellers from both Thailand and Norway will help strengthen our offer.”

Oslo 101

The capital of Norway, Oslo is a laid-back city of rolling hills, historic forts, beautiful parks, and fascinating museums.

One of the most interesting museums is the Viking Ship Museum, which houses the world's best preserved Viking ship, burials from the Viking Era, and unique Viking crafts made of wood.

Oslo is an attractive travel destination for active travellers. Popular outdoor activities include ice skating, skiing, hiking, sailing, cycling, kayaking, and hiking.

Norway is also one of the best spots on earth to witness the spectaular Northern Lights.

Oslo has a population of 634,000. The metropolitan area has a population of 1,501,604. It is the world's 2nd most expensive city after Tokyo, Japan.

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