Australia: Massive Patriotic Sing-along Scheduled for Mid-Day in Sydney

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A massive Salute to Australia sing-along of the Australian National Anthem is scheduled for 12 noon on 26 January 2015 on the shores of Sydney Harbour in commemoration of Australia Day.


Children celebrating Australia Day. Photo Credit: Chris Phutully.


A Salute to Australia sing-along is scheduled for 12 noon 26 January 2015 on the shores of Sydney Harbour between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Royal Australian Air Force will all take part in the event. There will also be a 21 Gun Salute at Bradfiled Park and an aerial flyover of Royal Australian Air Force jets.

Australia Day 101

On 26 January 1788 Captain Arthur Philip sailed a fleet of 11 ships from England into what is now known as Sydney Harbour. It would lead to the establishment of New South Wales, Britain's first penal colony in Australia.

Thirty years later, the Governor of Australia declared the anniversary a public holiday and gave government employees the day off work.

Australia Day is a public holiday throughout Australia, including its territories. Schools and post offices are closed, and some transport operates on a reduced schedule. Many stores, however, remain open.

Popular activities include picnicking, shopping, and sports. Citizenzhip ceremonies are also held in many cities and towns.

Many cities put on spectacular fireworks displays after dark.

Australia Day has also been know as Anniversary Day, Day of Mourning, First Landing Day, Foundation, Day Invasion Day, and Survival Day over the years.

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